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Social , economic and industrial events in 2010 led to outline this year's contents so that on saipem's performance is yet clearer and more comphrensive for all its stakeholder

The Report is an expression of a formal commitment made by Saipem and declared in its Mission and Sustainability Policy, that translates out to a modus operandi in which the company’s economic and business decisions are complemented by the assumption of a responsibility with regard to the social and environmental aspects of its activities.
The document is aimed at providing a comprehensive view of Saipem’s business, by reporting the Group’s operations according to their qualitative and quantitative features. Given its structure and contents, the report mainly target specialist audiences interested in Saipem’s sustainability performance, such as analysts, investors and major international clients.
The Report is based on the three main macro-topics that characterise Saipem’s approach to sustainability:

  • the maximisation of Local Content;
  • the integration with the hosting communities;
  • the ‘sustainability talent’ as distinctive cross-cutting attribute of Saipem business model.

However, a 120-page report can provide a high-level overview only, and a preface to all sustainability issues, which Saipem daily works on. Therefore, the annual Sustainability Report is integrated with other valuable communication and reporting tools:

- Saipem’s corporate websitewww.saipem.com – which contains a wide range of additional information and a specific section on more relevant subjects from a sustainable point of view;

- Country and Project Case Studies, which Saipem has published since 2003 and periodically updates, primarily designed to provide a dialogue with local stakeholders, by focusing on a specific project or country and describing ongoing activities, the best practices implemented and the results achieved by Saipem and its Operating Companies in the sustainability issues.

Saipem annually publishes the Sustainability Report, approved by the Board of Directors before its publication and presented at the Shareholders Meeting for concomitant approval with the consolidated Financial Statements.
In order to define the contents of this Saipem Sustainability Report, reference has been made to the principles of materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, and completeness. With the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of information provided, the principles of balance, comparability, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, and clarity have been followed. More details are given in the Methodological Note at the end of the document.


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This is Saipem’s fifth Sustainability Report. The previous reports, starting from 2006, are available in the Sustainability Reporting section and documentation on Saipem’s website, www.saipem.com.