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Our Business

The turnkey contractor of the oil and gas industry

Saipem, owned 42.9 percent by Eni and listed on the Milan Stock exchange, is a global contractor, with an embedded presence in all continents and a strategic location in the main areas of interest for the oil industry. The Saipem Group structure, including operating subsidiaries and their ownership, is shown in the consolidated financial statements. The ability to develop projects in remote areas is guaranteed by a solid network of activities supporting these projects, based on: ability to set strong and efficient connections between local activities and the corporate; logistic support assured all over the world for the project’s employees, assets and supplies;
proven ability to locally manage the wide range of challenges, either managerial and human, to be faced in remote areas.

Business model

It is impossible to separate the concept of doing business from the one of working responsibly and contributing to a socio-economic development, by using a large local workforce ...

Technology and assets

The Group boasts a fleet of semi-submersible vessels equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, including the Saipem 7000, equipped with a dynamic positioning system...




Market scenario

The speed and the strength of the ongoing global economic recovery will determine how energy markets will evolve over the next few years...