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R&d of environmental protection technologies

Saipem has been carrying out several programs to develop environmentally friendly solutions to purify soil and water and minimise – or totally eliminate – unwanted emissions. To give some examples:

  • Saipem is about to complete, in collaboration with Eni, the construction of the first commercial unit of Ensolvex, a new proprietary technology for the remediation of soils and sediments contaminated by organic compounds, at the Eni R&M refinery in Gela, Italy;
  • in collaboration with Eni, Saipem has completed the commissioning of the first semi-commercial plant to remove CO2 from refinery streams by biofixation, using microalgae selected by Eni R&M laboratories. The biomass produced through such process will be used in the future production of biofuels;
  • Saipem is applying its knowledge on individual elements of CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) to contribute to the development of reliable process solutions. As a first step, Saipem is designing the pilot pipeline loop to study dense phase CO2 transportation for Eni/Enel CCS alliance, to be deployed at Enel power plant in Brindisi. The know-how developed this way, will be used on a bigger project which will capture CO2 from Enel’s coal power-plant flue gas, transport it both onshore and offshore via an approximately 100-kilometre long CO2 pipeline system, and ultimately store it offshore in a saline aquifer.