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We are concerned about our enviroment

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Saipem’s activities to protect and conserve the environment are based upon various points. In addition to R&D of new, environmentally friendlier technologies and the improvement of existing ones, the environmental awareness campaign that was launched in 2010, is an important step as it not only affects Saipem and its operations, but increases the environmental awareness of its over 38,000 employees and their families in private life. Monitoring the effectiveness of the campaign is an important step towards sustainability. Continuing the environmental awareness campaign after the completion of the first activities will influence the perception and internalisation of those sustainable measures strongly.

Sandra Biesel

Saipem implements and maintains an environmental management system with the main purpose to achieve a high level of environmental protection and being always in compliance with local laws and regulations and other subscribed requirements.

Constant improvement in environmental performance during operational activities is highly encouraged by Saipem’s Top Management.
Most of the choices made by Saipem during projects’ development are due to Client specific requests. In any case, by virtue of its commitment to minimising environmental damage, pollution and adverse impacts, Saipem carries out Research & Development programs, performs environmental monitoring activities and puts in place mitigation measures, as reasonably applicable, even when it is not required by Contract specifications.


Saipem has been carrying out several programs to develop environmentally friendly solutions to purify soil and water and minimise – or totally eliminate – unwanted emissions. To give some examples... 


Environmental management

Saipem is aware all its activities – from planning and engineering phases, to operational activities on site – have the potential to affect environment as well as local communities.